Tax Rounding

Has anyone else had the experience of calaculated tax amounts being rounded and added together incorrectly? My company operates in Canada so we sometimes have multiple taxes being calaculated, the GST (7%) and PST (7.5%). When calculating these values Navision rounds the displayed figure to two decimal places, which is great. However, sometimes when it adds the values together to get the total tax it is adding together all decimal places and not the, usually correct, rounded figures. So instead of PST of 14.07 + GST 13.13 = 27.20, we get 27.21, which means I usually have to enter the taxes manually. Not a big deal, but it does take a extra bit of time to do. Do anyone know if the is an issue that Navision looking at, or if there is a fix available yet? Thanks

This was an issue in some of the earlier versions (ie 2.60CA), but I haven’t really seen it in 3.60. If you gettting this in 3.60, I would check the Tax Setup.

Well, I think I just got over a really bad case of SU Syndrome. I just found out that there is a difference between the code and executable versions. We are running the US 3.10 B code with 3.70 exec on a SQL database. I did check out the Tax Setup and nothing seems out of place to me, granted I am not entirely sure of what I am looking for. The other issue I have come across is that Navision does not like me using two different tax codes on an order. I do not receive an error or warning, but upon posting the difference between the invoice total and the tax amount is credited to our suspense account. Is there something I should be doing in the setup? or a fix perhaps for 3.10?

Wyatt, It is not a problem that application version and executable version are different. My experience is that you would be better witht the latest application version (3.70) but this will entail an upgrade and associated costs. As for GST and PST, good luck, because VAT is difficualt here.

We have the same issue with the PST & GST. It’s been an issue for us since implimentation (3.10) & is still an issue now (3.70) and there doesn’t seem to be any hope in fixing it anytime soon. Sorry that I don’y have better news.

As far as 3.70, I can sell one item for 187.64 (PST = 14.073,GST = 13.1348) and get the correct taxes for BC. Obviously results might change for multiple items, etc. but like I said before, I thought most of this type of problems were cleaned up by 3.60.

It does tend to occur mostly with multiple items, especially when different companies calculate the tax in different ways (per item or lump sum). What is worse is when some items on an order are PST exempt and others are not.

You will never match companies which use different ways [}:)] Navision groups the entries by Tax Jurisdiction and the Rounds the total entry (Although the Statistics Screen shows by Tax Jurisdiction and Tax Group which may round differently). The Statistics screen should give you a good idea of what is happening. In theory, it shouldn’t matter if items are PST exempt. It should have one number for PST and one number for GST (Jurisdictions) and Round those accordingly.