tax calculation in service module


How can i calculate VAT, CST, Service Tax in service module because there is no structure and calculate structure values in the service module.


Himanshu Kumar


The TAX calculataion in Service Module is not possible until now. Though recently microsoft has brought the hot fix for calcualation of taxes in Service Module.

Say, you still want to calculate VAT or Service Tax in Service module in absence of the functionality. Then you can try a work around. First, in the ‘Service lines’ post the items or resource cost as “Cosnsumption”. In this way the entire cost is my cost and nothing is billed. Thereafter, create a Sales Invoice, in normal Sales & Marketing module, taking a G/L (say, “Service Sales”) and calculate taxes and post it. The Items “Consumed” can be given as an 'Annexure".

The problem in this workaround is that you cannot link the cost with the revenue. Thus you may have to apply dimensions. A customization will be required so that a dimension is automatically created with a Service Order made. The same dimension needs to be tagged with the Invoice (made as normal Sales Invoice) and with the Service Order (when posting consumption)

Can you enlighten me which hot fix has been released by MS for including Tax structure in Service Module.

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