Task Recorder problem in MS Dynamics AX - CU7


team please help me on the Task Recorder Issue like “after clicking Stop Button the form con’t show any response”(please verify the screen shot). i was waited for around 30 mints but it con’t work properly, so please suggest me i miss any setup or anything.

You’re asking in the developer forum, therefore I assume you’re a developer.

Walk through the code in debugger to see where exactly it gets stuck. If it’s not clear where the problem is, it’s difficult to identify the reason.


I am troubleshooting the same problem.

I debugged through this issue and found that it is getting stuck on line 10 in SysTaskRecorderVideoRecording.Stop(). This line of code calls the WaitForExit() method of a variable set to the System.Diagnostics.Process object.

This is where it is occurring but I’m unsure of how to address it from here.


Our CU7 task recorder was failing because TaskRecorderBackgroundWorker.exe. Working with Microsoft for an official fix but as a work around a co-worker of mine decompiled the exe and fixed the code which was making it hang.

From what I understand, it was creating a container of parent process ids and trying to read them but the way the code was structured made it never read the container and so it just sat there doing nothing.

Have you heard anything back from Microsoft? We are having the same issue. Would it be possible to post your updated TaskRecorderBackgroundWorker.exe?


We’re experiencing a similar issue. I’ve debugged and found TaskRecorderBackgroundWorker.exe to be at fault. The odd thing is that it did work before, but stopped after multiple consultants had had a go at doing recordings. Worse still, it works in v4 of the demo VM…

Could you publish the Microsoft support ticket reference, KB article or any other reference that might be useful in resolving this, or at least logging in with Micosoft?

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Our testing has revealed that it might be related to the presence/use of Office x64 in the client environment where the Task Recorder is invoked.

As a short-term fix, we’re following this recommendation: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee681792.aspx

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I have tried both the 32 and 64 bit office versions, both seem to have the issue for us.

Hotfix is KB2930404. Provides a binary update that will fix issues with the TaskRecorderBackgroundWorker.exe

Do you have additional information on KB2930404 or a download link? I looked around and I’m not finding anything on it.

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Look at this:


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