"Target Audience" in Enterprise portal

Hi All,

I want the enterprise portal ‘home page’ to be visible only for certain set of users,so i created a group(named ‘G1’) and have added the desired users in that group for whom the home page of EP will be visible.In the "Target Audience’ property of the webpart ,i have given the ‘G1’ group. And when i check with different credentials in the same system(where i’ve specified the target Auidence group) it works fine.

When i log on to any other machine other than the machine using which i have specified the ‘Target Auidence’ specification,It does not display the home page content correctly.

My query is that 'do i need to set ‘Target Auidence’ in every machine in which i’ll be viewing EP?" ,Is there anyother way to make contents of EP visible for one group and not to others?

Can anybody please help me.