Take and Place not registering on some warehouse movements


A client requested that I amend the standard warehouse movement registration functionality. When they create a Movement on the Movement Worksheet, click Functions and then Create Movement this launches report 7305 to create the movement. The amendment they wanted was that once they run the report it automatically registers the movement. For this most part this modification appears to be working but in a small (seemingly random) number of instances the Place is registered but not the Take. This is causing stock inconsistencies. The negative part of the movement is not being registered. I cannot find what would be causing this and, because it is so infrequent, I am struggling to find a was to test for it. Perhaps when the movement is being registered I could check that two entries are being past and if not I could halt the COMMIT and throw up a message. Would this be a good approach? I am still very new to the system so any advice is welcome.