TableView Demo (RecordRef/TableRef samples)

Use this topic to discus the use and implementation of the TableView Demo (RecordRef/TableRef samples).

This is a great example for seeing what recordref etc can do. It’s also good for the XML DOM being used One thing I added was in CU 69000 Table View Management to the RecordSaveasText function which is what the export to excel uses. It wasn’t calculating flowfields so I added (actually stole from another function) This allows flowfield amounts to show in excel instead of being 0 RecordSaveAsText(VAR TableRef : RecordRef;VAR OutStream : OutStream) Tab[1] := 9; FOR FieldNo := 1 TO NoOfFields DO BEGIN FldRef := TableRef.FIELD(Fields[FieldNo]); IF FieldNo > 1 THEN OutStream.WRITETEXT(Tab); // my add EVALUATE(Field.Class,FORMAT(FldRef.CLASS)); EVALUATE(Field.Type,FORMAT(FldRef.TYPE)); IF FldRef.ACTIVE AND (Field.Class IN [Field.Class::Normal,Field.Class::FlowField]) AND NOT (Field.Type IN [Field.Type::BLOB,Field.Type::Binary]) THEN IF Field.Class = Field.Class::FlowField THEN FldRef.CALCFIELD; // end my add OutStream.WRITETEXT(WindowsTextFormat.WindowsFormat(FORMAT(FldRef))); END; OutStream.WRITETEXT; Again thanks for the very very useful sample

I am attempting to install - after I loaded the TableView.fob and went to open the Styles form (69003), I received the following error message. - Style (Table View) Code ''does not exist. – Could someone pleasae help me and let me know what I have done wrong… Thanks Suzie

One answer (probably on late) and one question: Suzie, I got the same message and simply added the first record from object designer, table 69003, RUN. Then the form works well. And this is the question: what’s the field Form No. in Table 69000 for? Thank you all, Marco