Tables related to SSRS reporting setup


I would like to know what are the tables that are related to SSRS reporting setup, What mean is without which tables like srsparameters table are required, not the data provider or temp tables.

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There are 25 tables in AOT which starts with a label SRS are the tables related to ssrs setup and configuration

You are asking a question and then you reply yourself with such a simple answer and confirm this as a verified answer?

You did not mention the AX version you want to know about - is it AX2009 or AX2012?

If by chance you talk about AX2012, then there are couple of tables you would be interested in the most:

  1. SRSServers - where you define the connection to SSRS server(-s)
  2. SrsReportDeploymentSettingsDataSource - where you define which reports should be deployed static per language
  3. SRSEnabledLanguages - probably you need this as well

Those are the basic SSRS setup tables if, let’s say, you want to copy setup data to other environment(-s). Unless you also have analysis services reporting installed, this should be a sufficient list of setup tables.