Table Relationships

Hi, I wish to define relationships once between tables, but will like the relationships to be visible both in the Axapta as well as in SQL Server? The database used by Axapta needs to also be used by other applications. Is this possible ? Thanks theo.

I don’t think you can create the relationship in SQL Server by Table relations in Axapta. I think this is the main idea of seperating Axapta to Back end Database. So you can run Axapta by SQL SERVER or ORACLE, that’s I thought. Regards, Khue Trinh

Hi Theo, Please note that the relationship set between tables in Axapta should be visible outside Axapta as well. If you are looking for schematic representation, probably you might have to use tools like MS Query. Provided that you don’t insert data into Axapta from outside, it should be possible to develop integrated applications. Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu