Table-Key Import

With this tool you could import the Table-Key-Information into a table. The ZIP-file contains the example-objects as TXT, Table 50000 and Dataport 50000. How to use: 1. Export the tables, that you are interessted in, to a TXT-file. 2. Run Dataport 50000 to import this TXT-file. The Key-Information is saved in Table 50000. This tool is a VERY “raw” and not optimized “thing” (it only works with simple keys, no SumIndexFields, etc.)! For those, who need this feature, it should be easy to make the tool work properly. download Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Hi Jörg,

This file has been lost. If you think that it’s still valuable, maybe you still have a copy of the file?