table InventTrans costvalues?

hello, I want to manually extract the costvalue of an item from the inventtrans table, but I see a whole lot of fields for the cost? Does anyone know the meaning of those fields? (Is there any documentation on that?) I see costamountposted costamountphysical costamountadjustment costamountsettled costamountstd costamountoperations How can I get the cost amount out of a record on the moment of the transaction ? costamountstd? or costamountposted + costamountadjustment? thx, kathleen

HI, Kathleen I think your second result is right,the cost value=costAmountPosted + costAmountAdjustment, you can find a method in table/inventtrans/method/costvalue, this method is return cost amount for current transaction. best regard. andy peng

Hi Costamountposted + costamountadjustment gives the actual, calculated costing value of the transaction (including all inventory recalculations and closings). If you want to know the costing value at the creation of the transaction, that’s only CostAmountPosted.