Table 259 Transport Method - Permissions

Hi folks. I would like to use the Transport Method table but when I try to open it using my client’s license I get a “You do not have read permission …” error. I have added full permission for this table to the ALL role, and of course I can open it with my developer license. Is this table part of a granule that my client is not licensed for, or am I missing something? I know this is probably a pretty basic question, but I am unclear on how to tell which objects are licensed or not for a given client. Thanks…

The NA/US versions since 3.01 have included a report 10313. Run this report with SUPER permissions and the customer license and it should answer your question. The next step is checking the granuale. Sales should have a spreadsheet to tell you what granuale you would need.

Thanks Chris!

Transportation Method is included in the Intrastat granule, your customer license most probably doesn’t have this granule as it is used in the EU only. Saludos Nils