Tab Index In form, How do we know?

how do we know for the tab index in form? Like in Visual Basic or .net (Text box)

I have many textbox in a form, but some I set it uneditable

let’s say I have 5 textboxes

textbox1= editable

textbox2 = uneditable

textbox3 = uneditable

textbox4 = editable

textbox5 = editable

I want if after I input textbox1, and then I press ENTER, it should be textbox4 focussed

and if I press ENTER once again, it should be textbox5 focussed

how is it possible??

I haven’t NAV “with me” but I think I remember a NextControl property for the textboxes that indicates the ID of the next control you want to focus [:^)]

nextcontrol property?

what should i fill in the value of nextcontrol property?

I confirm you the NextControl property, it just contains the ID of the control you want to be consecutive as I said [;)]

thanks a lot galletin

my problem is solved :slight_smile: