System & User Monitoring.

Hello A few Monitoring question Question 1: What tools does Navision have at its disposal for checking the following:- Performance of DB. How well the DB is. I know you can re-build keys but that does not showing me the current perfamce. Question 2: Is there any log to monitor that this user, has tried to log into Navision from this workstation. Look forward to your inputs Thanks Graham

Hi, Have a look on Current Session field on Session TAB under File->Database->Information

Are you looking at C/Side or SQL database? Database perfromance. C/SIDE doesn’t have much for analysis and tuning but you can build forms to look at tables 2000000009 and 2000000010. The C/SIDE environment is robust and responds well to splitting the database over several physical devices to give improvements. SQL, as they say, is a different ball game, I know there is a lot you can do, perhaps need to do, search for some hints on the site. Logging is not a strong point with Navision client; we have chosen to use windows authentication and let Active Directory manage the users.