System table "Permission Range"

I wanted to use the “Permission Range” table in an system tool (“Dataport generator” published in the “Financials/NF tools”). But if I try to use a filter like this : “License Permission”.SETFILTER(“Object Number”, ‘%1…%2’, “Permission Range”.From, “Permission Range”.To); … it is refused by the compilator (“A field from a record variable was expected”), because “TO” is also a keyword. So I was forced to created a dummy function only to avoid this problem. I still work with Navision 2.00, so I don’t know if this field has been renamed.

Use “Permission Range”.“To” and it will work! Marco Marco Eymer * knk Systemlösungen GmbH Kiel MailTo: CallTo: 0049 431-579720

It does ! thanks.