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This is not an actual problem, rather it is task for university. We are asked to create a solution offer for our university where employees can register their business trips.


  1. Employee fills out a request form with personal information, destination, duration and costs.

  2. This request goes through several departments who have to accept it.

  3. After returning from trip employee fills out a report form that also goes through system to be accepted.

Our group decided to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Sharepoint integration. We are slightly stuck on licensing price estimation. SQL Standard server and Sharpoint Foundation is free. But how much would Dynamics NAV license would cost?

Number of employees to be able to make requests is roughly 1000.

Thank you!

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First of all would like to know which version of Navision you are going to use whether it is Nav 2009 R2 or Nav 2013 .As licensing price for both the version is different.

We were thinking of going with 2013, since Microsoft has updated pretty much all of it’s product lineup for 2013. Price is not a real factor since this in an exercise project. But we are going to present it to actual IT professionals so it has to be realistic. e.g. Not going to offer to spend a fortune on SAP just implement this simple simple solution.

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Really! Since when?

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