Syncronisation for commerce portal

I have installed commerce portal and my problem is as follows: Why after synchronisation of the commerce portal, I don’t get the table ncpcatalog_catalogproduct on the SQL server. But I get the other tables like commerce_ and UserObjects. I can’t find any problem in the installation. I have also tried to synchronise by using the codeunit 6205. but still we do not have the table ncpcatalog_catalogproduct. We have also re-unpack the pup package and perform another synchronisation thru the codeunit but in vain. Also we have tried to open the commerce portal thru the browser and we get the following error message. Technical Information (for support personnel) Error Type: Commerce.AuthManager.1 (0x80070057) AuthManager(CommerceServer): You should call ‘AuthManager::Initialize()’ method with a valid site-name, before calling any other AuthManager API. /CommercePortal/global.asa, line 77 Can anyone help me solve this problem?? Thanks

If you haven’t got the two tables in SQL, the installation isn’t completed successfully. I do remember,its a error documented in the possible errors for CP. Try to get u r hands on that word document as the solution is also suggested there.

Hi, Sounds like you have two separate problems: 1) Item data from Navision isn’t going into the catalog table in Commerce Server. This is probably because you have classified your items in Navision but not created matching classes in BizDesk in Commerce Server. How to do this is explained in chapter 4 of the CP training manual. Nowhere is the siginificance of it explained. 2) AuthManager error. Check the “CRK Common Errors CP” file in the Channel Readiness Kit for e-Comm. Have fun!

I am new to the Commerce Portal, also I haven’t follow any training on it. I just wanted to try to install the commerce portal. So can anyone tell me where I can get the cp training manual. I have searched on the CD but it isn’t there. Thanks

I suggest you perform a search or check postings related to Commerce Portal as there was a v.healthy discussion including the order in which to install the various components(products) was mentioned.

Thank you, I have been able to find the manual on the navision website itself.

Hello there, I have tried to install the Commerce Portal according to Navision E-business solutions. The following software is installed on one server: - Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP3; - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP2 with Analysis Services; - Microsoft Navision Attain 3.60; - Microsoft Navision Attain Application Server 3.60; - Microsoft Navision Attain Database Server 3.60; - Commerce Portal Web Integration Components 3.60; - Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 Developer Edition. also MSXML 3.0 SP2, IIS5.0 and message Queueing are installed. Everything works fine, but after the synchronisation process, the table “ncpcatalog_catalogproduct” is missing. Also when i start the website the following error is given: ------------------------------------------------------- HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP error Internet Information Services error Type: Commerce.AuthManager.1 (0x80070057) AuthManager(CommerceServer): You should call ‘AuthManager::Initialize()’ method with a valid site-name, before calling any other AuthManager API. /CommercePortal/global.asa, line 77 ------------------------------------------------------- The same problem is issued earlier in this topic (Syncronisation for commerce portal). Patcc describes the same problem. According to Mohammad Rahimuddin the installation wasn’t finished and a solution was documented in the possible errors for CP. Where can i find such a document? And more the less, how can i prevent the error message and see the table “ncpcatalog_catalogproduct” in the SQL database? Thanks in advance.