Symantec Antivirus Blocking Navision Client Server


One of my client are already having the Symantec Antivirus Client Server Installion Ver 10.0 Enterprise edition in their network.

Now we have installed the Navision 4.0 sp2 client server with Native Database.

when we try to connect the server from the same machine using client on which the navision server was installed it is allowing to connect.

but the problem occurs when we try to connect it from other machine There is TCP/IP error which shows that other end has shut down the connection with server.

now we try to disable the Symantec Antivirus service on all the client machine & then we are able to connect it with the server & it’s working fine

Windows firewall are the problem is that with Symantec

Please help me out in enabling this conection what steps we have to follow when we have the antivirus & firewall in the network.

Is there any way to allow this connection between the navision client & server having Antivirus in the network

Please help me out.


Ashish Bhardwaj

Try to play with the blocking and ping backs.
Include allowing an office firewall to be safe.
Allow trusted TCP/IP Address of your network

ex: to (Of course adjust this as needed based upon your office)
If you do have this new, Norton will support your call. Give them a buzz or perform a live support.


can any one tell me that whether we have to do any setting in symantec installation to allow the Navision client server environment.

when we disable symantec it is allowing the client to interact with navision server.

we stuck here please help.



"The server program will use TCP/IP port 2407 as a default. If this port is occupied by

another process, you can specify another port by making a new entry in the services


Check - isn’t the port blocked?