Sure Step - have you tried it?

Just back from Convergence I have heard a lot about the Sure Step methodology.

But as with all methods coming from Microsoft (or before from Navision) I’m rather sceptical, as most of the methods I have seen so far have been way to complex to actually be used in a “real life” project.

So I would like to hear if any of you have tried this method and what you think about it.

Sure step is just some questions thrown at the users. Depending on how the users answer it, NAV will configure the setups for the user.The value of Surestep are the templates. MS has come up with templates for 4 different industries.

Not very impressive… Most of the detailed setups still requires to go into each individual setup form. if you ask me, Surestep is a good selling and marketing tool.

Anyone used Sure Step?

If so? Was it helpfull?

Judging from the response from this thread, my guess is not many companies used Sure Step… Solution Centers in this business usually have their own method of implementation.

2 years later : Who uses Sure Step here ? [:)]

Last time I briefly look at it, i looked everything except Agile, it was very water-fall oriented in it’s implementation approach

However I’ve read that Microsofef implemented some SCRUM templates for Sure Step, so I might check it out again

I will be interested in hearing from people who have used Sure Step on the fields for a few projects, what are the pros & cons ? Would you recommend it ? Is it light weight enough to use it systematically for every projects size (small, medium, large)