Suppress Error messages on a form

I have created a form that displays records from the Object table (filtered by Type=Table) in the header, and the Field table (filtered by the current Object.ID) in a subform.

The purpose of the form is to allow the user to mark any number of fields in the table (as excluded), and then generate a SQL script for that table to Sync the two tables in separate databases.

My issue is that I keep getting a “Field cannot be modified in this form.” error (referring to the Field subform). The thing is I never actually attempt to modify the records in that subform. Furthermore this error does not prevent the rest of my code from working properly. When I click OK on it, everything happens as I expected it.

If you need more informtion, let me know and I’ll be happy to supply it. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks in advance for your help.

Just a guess, but have you tried to mark all fields as non editable on the form?

I have set all the fields to Editable = No, and I also have the Form set to AllowInsert = No and AllowModify = No and AllowDelete = No.

It might be worth mentioning that if I take off the AllowInsert = No then the message changes to “Do you want to rename the record?”

What do you have on OnAfterGetRecord() & OnAfterGetCurrRecord() triggers?

Are you using currform.update also?

In OnAfterGetRecord of the main form I have a function that looks up previously marked records, and then finds and toggles the mark on that record using the code


OnAfterGetCurrRecord is empty and I am not using CurrForm.UPDATE.

Hi Ben,

Try to set the “DelayedInsert”-Property to No.

Regards Jan

Tried: No effect.

And if you remove this “MARK(NOT MARK);”?