Support System

We are a Dynamics partner and Hosting Partner.

We are trying to design a new support system for our internal use, using Nav. We did very well, but then we reached a major obstacle.

A) The users did not like the text limitations within a Nav field, ie, 256 characters, no text wrap etc

B) The users wanted to see all the interactions within a call on one screen, even though they may have been recorded on several different records.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated


Hi Andrew,

for A, you could use notepad and input the text file into Nav, or use another application and import the output in a BLOB field.

for B, is this not just a filtered view to am I missing the issue?

Inputting via a text box is not really practical as the users will be on the phone at the time, it needs to be quick and instant.

Seeing all records, a bit like this forum, you can see all the discussions on a posting one one screen, yet each is a separate posting with its own record. We tried using comments text which works reasonably well, but you could not get the view the users wanted, ie, something like this forum would be great. I would assume we would have to go outside of Nav to get this?


Hi Andrew,

I am suggesting launching notepad/wordpad and importing the output into Nav and this can be real-time and also allow cut & paste.


But if you stored if incident as a record, then the text for these records within a separate table? How could you have a form with showed you each incident in turn with all the associated text to it.?

Its a bit like seeing a sales order header and lines in a mini form, then below it another sales order with lines and so on.


Hi Andrew,

You could use the same concept as the Order Planning form with the “Expand” for the details.

Excellent idea!

Unfortunately though we are on 4.03, so anyone know if that style of form is possible within the older versions?

Hi Andrew,

Without testing and having a look at the form:

Yes, it’s a form with code to insert/delete the sub-records if required.

There is, of course, the add on route. Apparently there is a helpdesk add on from an Irish co…

Do you want a job in the marketing department? [;)]