Supplier Chargebacks in AX or ISV?

Good Morning,

Is there any functionality within standard AX or an ISV that would have Supplier Chargeback management functionality? The example would be where we send a purchase order to the vendor for $100, and the invoice is received as $110. We would like to pay the invoice in full and initiate a $10 vendor credit. This is easy to do by creating a separate transaction for the vendor credit, however the inventory needs to be valued at $100. It’s important to show the vendor the separate transaction for the $10 variance (with a reason code) on the remittance versus a mysterious invoice short payment that requires generally a vendor phone call to resolve.

Are there any ISVs that could accommodate supplier charge backs or a process to manage the communication with the vendors upon payment?



Standard AX has procurement incentives which are basically vendor rebates based upon the customer rebates functionality. You would need to assess this functionality against what you require. It is R3 and later only. Failing that there are many partners out there with these I believe, but never worked with any of them so I would not suggest any, just search google, or ask your partner for assistance.