supplementary invoice / credit notes

Im just wondering how people treat supplementary invoices and credit notes (both sales and purchase accounts) against Stock Items? For example, if our supplier invoiced us incorrectly which resulted in an extra invoice how would you process invoice number 2? The first invoice would be processed and due to the incorrect price, this would result in a variance in the value entries. As this is an item, how would you process the second invoice? Is there any way to process the second invoice against the item? Currently we post the supplementary/credit direct to the nominal ledger, but of course these are not then picked up in any cost reports? Do people resort to sending their documents back to the supplier and requesting new documents? And on the sales side, do you “item” credit the error, and re invoice? Thanks![:D]

Requesting a complete new invoice from your vendor or issueing a new, correct invoice and posting a credit memos for the incorrect one would be the easiest solutions. Another possibility would be to use item charges to reflect this price adjustment, and you must assign the price change to the respective sales shipment / purchase receipt line to add the respective value entry. The only drawback is that you an item charge for each Product Posting Group in order to affect the respective income/cost account. Saludos Nils