Sunday update: Site updated. Search being reindexed.

Yesterday, when almost no-one were online (Saturdays are the slowest days of the week here), then I took down the site and applied the latest hotfixes from Telligent. A process that all in all was the same as last time I did this, some weeks ago, when I applied the 9.2 update. But this time I knew exactly how to do it. And I’m sure next time it takes even less time.

The site was only offline for the time it took to backup the files, and run the SQL script that updates the system.

After the update I still had to more or less manually reapply the customizations, but even that has become easier.

As there have been some issues with search not showing all results, especially in the blogs, then I have restarted a full re-indexing of the search results. Even though I started this yesterday, then it is still running and most likely take a few more days, before it is finished.

So until then, then you can just search via Google.

Try: and then what you want to fine. Then it finds the answer in AX Users. Or to show everything about NAV.

The observant eye will also notice that a new “Share Bar” has been added. This was actually last week. I just forgot to mention it. But the little share bar on the right side of the page can be used to share the page you are on directly to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. If you don’t like to see it there, then just hide it.

Another change is that the front page now looks very different for our users who are not logged in, to the users who are logged in. If you are not logged in, then the page merely serves as an overview of our different user groups.

For registered users its now even more than before, a page where you can see all the activities in the groups you are a member of.

This together with new page headers when you are in the groups, is to make sure that you are not “accidentally” taken out of the group and back to the DUG homepage. Clicking the top-logo of the pages, while in a group will now bring you back to the group home page. Not the DUG homepage. To go back to the DUG homepage, then you need to click the “DUG home” link in the bottom of the pages.