Summery Trial Balance Report-Default difference!

Hello, guys, I was searching the difference ax 2012’s Summer Trial Balance Report and d365 version of Summer Trial Balance report.

I saw the default pre-word all of the reports.What is the difference, why its default I did not understand it.

do you know any difference and why they use default word?

Your help will save my day, please help me about this.

why there is no replies?

Default is default. Your starting point. Without it you have nothing.

As for differences, run in both and compare. I don’t have systems to do this, do you? Why does it matter, or is the default now no matter a change or no change.

it matters cuz if you are selling this system,you should know what is the benefits ,or what is the unbenefits of new reporting systems …

The reports are thousands, MR is fully designable, that is the sellable benefit. No one expects you to know the output and configuration of every report. These will depend upon processes and configuration you don’t know yet. Look at analytics and power BI. Knowing the difference between a single Ax2012 and D365O report is an exception that means you need to investigate it for your client yourself. No one on here knows the specific field details of every report within the system without investigation.

yeah you r right man.but using these reports are so complicated.I could not figure out how to create new one.I randomly clicking something.there row column segments on MR are killing me.So I could not compare all these reports.