SUM Function


I want to calculate sum of rows in group and I use =SUM(Fields!Value.Value,“Group_Name”) but result is not correct. Does anyone know why?

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I am not sure, but have a look -…/nav-report-how-to-use-excel-sumif.html
If it does not help let me know.

Which version of Navision you are using ?
Are you summing the values in Report ? Is it RDLC or classic report?

Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, It is classic report


If it NAV 2013 R2 then it will not be classic report It should be RDLC report
You can look at this video

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It is RDLC report :smiley: I have done all this but the sum is not correct

Just reassuring, Have you placed this SUM formula in the correct text box? It must be in the group footer of tablix to get the correct sums of the group.


SUM function has a huge effect on the design of the Report that you made in Visual Studio so you need to be pretty sure there. Why cant you trying doing this from NAV side baased on your grouping and then using that variable in the Layout.


The first thing I would always start by asking, if a user tells me that the numbers in a report is wrong, is “if the numbers are not correct, then what would the correct number have been”?

And what I mean is, you say the numbers are wrong, but not exactly what is wrong with them?

And is it not showing anything, or is it showing all entries or what? Did you cross check with the actual data set?

I must say that I’m a bit surprised by the other replies so far, but not really unexpected. If you ask such a question is a developer forum, then the answers of course are very different compared to if you asked them in a user forum. It reminds me of a Navision developer I used work with years back. Even before I had finished explaining what was wrong with the report, then he had already started to fix it it. The problem was that he didn’t hear the last part, telling him that it was the report, but that data. A report that doesn’t print correctly, then it doesn’t always have to be the actual report. It could be many things. [:D]