Suggest Vendor Payment - Applies to ID

I am trying to get our Accounts Payable to start using the “Suggest Vendor Payment” process [NAV 3.70] however there seems to be a problem with the Transaction ID number and corresponding Applies to ID

In the options for the Suggest Vendor Payment there is a tick box to create a new ID for each line. We don’t tick this option but every line recieves their own unique ID number.

Apparently this has a flow on effect to the creation of the banking file, rather than it being a single file to upload it creates a file for every vendor.

Is this working correctly, and there is a different way to create the bank file so that it is in bulk?

Or is this a defect with the system / implementation?

Or is there some other user configuration / process that needs to be done to get this to work properly?

Thanks in advance,


I suggest you tick the summarize per vendor box, this gives you one line with one cheque number to pay the vendor to the given parameters of the payment run.

This is correct as far as what you have told the system to do, you have said do not summarize per vendor, create a new document ID for each line so every individual payment is seen.

Thanks Adam,

We have the summarise by vendor selected already so we are only getting one line per vendor but every vendor is getting a different document ID which then throws the bank file out.

It would be fine if we were printing physical cheques but we are creating an .aba file.


You can set the document number to be the same, but you will still get a line per vendor, you have to as each transaction is against an individual vendor, out of the bank as well. Are you just trying to see one line in the bank? If you are then do not set a balancing account, then manually add one line to the bottom of the run for the total amount to the bank.

Not sure on your processes for producing the file or what you are doing with it or want it to look like so a little difficult to comment.