How do you create subprojects in AX 2009?

Are we talking about in project accounting? If so, then you have to specify a format, e.g. “-####” in the format field below the grid.

Otherwise, please be a little bit more specific, and I will be happy to assist…

yes, thank you.

In projects. I created one yesterday on the virtual PC (by using the Wizard).

  1. Is the Wizard the only way to create the subprojects?

  2. I noticed on the virtual PC when I did create one, it did the following:

Example Format for Project is CR##### (so lets say project is CR0123)

I used -## for the subproject format. (so lets say project is CR0123-01

But when I created (using Wizard) it is creating

CR-0123-01-01 Design

CR-0123-01-02 Staging

CR-0123-01-03 Setup

CR-0123-01-04 Review

Like as though there are activities assigned with the project type. How is this done?

Hi Dayna,

Between the upper pane and the lower pane we have a button to create a Go to Sub- Project and beside to that we have to specify “#” in the format box .

The creation of Sub projects is totally or partially based on the Number sequence length. by default we have a string size limit upto 10 characters (whish includes special, numeric and alph a characters) so increase the space of Numbers(String Size) we have do it using the below path

AOT \Data Dictionary\Extended Data Types\ProjIdBase

This will help you in extending the String Size and create a Sub- Project.

This is a manual way and the second option is is creating using Wizard

Hope this would solve your understanding on Sub projects…


Ashwin [Y]

Thanks, wonderful