Submitted PR workflow take long time - Why?


How can I make sure the workflow is processed ? I just setup a purchase requisition workflow and submitted it bu it takes at least one day to process and I dont understand why?


Maybe you haven’t set up workflow batches to run often enough. Also check workflow history to see where the delay occurs.

Yes I have created a workflow batch and I am wondering where I should add time ???

Also in the history there is nothing. As in the workflow,

You should have set it in the wizard. Now open the batches and set the recurrence.

I have a problem to believe that you have finished workflows without any history.

I see that I have to run the “Tutorial workflow processor” to get it work . why? how can I make sure it runs automatically? Thanks

tutorial_WorkflowProcessor simulates what the batches usually do. You have a problem with setup of the batches.

Ok. Please can you explain how I should have setup the batch? thanks

The documentation is here: Configure the workflow batch jobs [AX 2012].

Thanks Martin. This is what I have missed to do [:)]

I already gave you the same link in my very first reply. I clearly should have made it more obvious.

I just didnt read carefully. Thanks again[:)]