Subform Activation

Hi all, One of my client wants the cursor position in Sales lines “no.” field after posting the Sales Document.The Customer information header will be filled automatically depending upon the setup.they don’t want to enter the header information,they want to enter directly Sales Lines Information.they want the cursor position in SalesLines “No.” field automatically after posting the Sales Document.Does anyone have idea about this ? thanks in advance

Something like the following (in the mainform) should work: CurrForm.Subform.Activate; CurrForm.Subform.“no.”.activate; (where “Subform” is of course the name of your subform) Another idea: in Mainform: CurrForm.Subform.Activate; in Subform: OnActivate: CurrForm.“no.”.Activate; I didn’t try it but hope it helps. Marcus

One problem with placing the focus on the subform is the fact that some of the fields on the sales lines are filled in from the sales header. Most, perhaps all, of these fields are triggered by the Customer No. When you post an order, Navision goes to what you might refer to as a “Null” record with no Customer No. (and no nothing else, aside from an order number.) ------- Tim Horrigan Edited by - horrigan on 2/8/01 5:06:42 PM