Subcontracting Purchase Order

When you create the PO for the subcontract process through the subcontracting worksheet. Where is the price on the Purchase order taken from. I have costs on the work centre, I’ve already process a purchase order & invoice for the item & subcontract process. But I still get 0 price on the purchase order ?

Hi Navicons Have you the specific unit cost box ticked against the work centre? I think this then picks it up from the routing not the work centre, but yes I believe the work centre costs should be picked up as the PO costs from a sub contractor perspective.

Hi Steven. If you have specific unit cost on the work centre, then the costs are as specified on the routing line. If not then the work centre costs are used. Certainly these are the subcontracting costs that are displayed when you look at the production order statistics. But I’m still not seeing these costs appearing as the direct cost on the subcontract worksheet or the purchase order. It’s one of those things that I thought I’d had working before, but maybe I never went as far as printing the subcontracting purchase order. I’m using 3.70?

Hi Navicons Sorry to clarify, but you are ticking the specified unit cost field, can see the costs on the routing and nothing is appearing on the purchase order is that correct? Ar you using expected costing with 3.70, not that I think this will affect it in this instance. Steve

Hi Steven, No problem. Currently on the work centre I have specific unit cost = Yes, and on the routing I have entered a specific unit cost. It makes sense to have the cost on the routing. But on the production order stats I have material cost & capacity cost But subcontract costs are 0. No I’m not using expected cost posting.

Ok let me just set one up! Typically my sub-contract work centres are in 3.60 databases [:D]

This will probably be no help as it works here, 3.70 to hotfix 12 is the version I have done this on. See if you can spot any differences from your setup. 1. Created a sub-contract workcentre with teh following settings; Direct Unit Cost = 0.00 Indirect Cost % = 0.00 Overhead Rate = 0.00 Unit Cost = 0.00 Unit Cost Calculation = Time Specific Unit Cost = Yes Subcontractor No specified Set up all the requirements on the scheduling tabs. 2. I added the work centre into an existing routing. I gave the operation a set-up time of 5 and a run time of 5 (at applicable UOM’s). I flagged the unit cost per as 10.00. 3. I raised a production order for the item with the routing. 4. Calculating the subcontracts from teh subcontracting worksheet brought back one line with a direct unit cost of 100.00, which was reflected on the purchase order when making the orders. Any help???

Thanks Steven. I’m pleased it works for you. What you have done is not too different to mine. Mine is 3.70 and it’s a customer version so I’m not sure on the applied hotfix level. When I’ve worked out the difference I’ll let you know.

No Problem If you want me to alter a flag or run something differently just let me know. Have fun!

Hi Steven, This is a customer who part uses manufacturing to create production order documents and record output and consumption. However they have no work centre costs or setup or run times on routings or calendars etc. My unit cost calc = Time, Specific unit cost = Yes. But with no times then of course the value calculated is zero. Change unit cost calc to Unit and it works a treat. Thanks for your help.

No Problem Was not ignoring you - been on holiday! [:D]