Subcontracting of item

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I have created a production order for item “FG” (manufactured in house).After the updatation of its status from created to estimation ,a production order for item “A” will generated automatically (production order type is Vendor).
And now I want to issue its BOM components to Vendor .
But I don’t know which form will use for issuing BOM components to vendor (all BOM components are in stock).
And how would enter its subcontracted charge ?
I have gone though the Chap-3 (Sub contract Work ) but could not find the process of issue BOM components.
Item :- FG (Finished Good)
Item :- A (Subcontract by vendor) .
Item:- B(Raw material issue to Vendor after purchase).
I have defined BOM line “Vendor” for Item “A” and select a vendor.
BOM For FG is
FGàA (1 pcs) ,BOM line type of A is Vendor
BOM for A is
AàB)(1pcs) ,BOM line type is Item
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Start the production order for item A and forward flush the items, this removes them from stock, which is the issuing.

The subcontractor charge is associated with the PO linked to the operation of subcontracting, you have read the chapter and there are labs for this so it should be ok.

Dear Mr. Adam ,

Could you tell me how can use of Subcontractor order form in production module?



The subcontractor work details gives you a view of production orders and the referenced purchase orders, basically everything at a subcontractors.