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hi all! In Navision attain where is the functionality or how can I track the items when we issue to the vendor(subcontractor) for some operation and receive the items by using purchase order(i.e automatically created from subcontracting worksheet by the function Make Order).how the inventory is updated(i.e when we issue the items as a component to the vendor and receive the items as an assembly from the vendor) thanks

Hi Vangala You need Capacity Requirements Planning. Then you associate the vendor with the work centre. This vendor can then be specified as an outside op in the routing. Then you use the subcontracting worksheet to auto create purchase orders for the subcontracted op’s. Nice and simple [:D]

hi Steven, already I did this ,but my question is : suppose when I link a component to the Outside operation in the routing with the routing link code and created the purchase order with the subcontractor worksheet,only the cost of that operation gets assigned to the end item and the component is updated in the Inventory.My requirement is to track the component given to the subcontractor to carry out associated operation. also at any given point of time I should be able to get the list of the components at a selected subcontractor.

Hi Vangala There maybe a misunderstanding of slight operational procedures here. If you have a component that is worked upon and goes into a BOM then ideally this is two BOM’s and routings, the component linked to the main BOM will have a BOM and routing of its own. In this means the main BOM will pull stock already worked upon as part of the routing, and the component stock that requires subcontracting work will have independent reorder levels and be handled separately. To explain further if you need to track the component then this will have to be separate, with its own policies. Then you could set up a work centre for this operation with the description detailing the operation. To then track this the subcontractor dispatch list in the manufacturing reports will tell you what is where. If you do not handle this independently, so you link a component to the routing code you have to remember that it is the whole product at this stage that is sent to the subcontractor, with an additional component, as this is in essence what you have set-up. I hope this helps clear things up a bit. [:D]

Hi, Navision does not support functionality you ask. I saw third party solution for Attain 3.60 that has this function. This addon has special WIP transfer document that allows to transfer Issued components between locations.

Hi Valentin I am a little confused - why don’t you think Navision can handle components being part of an outside operation? Do you mena the physical downdating of a component and only the component is sent out for the subcontracting work to be carried out? I would, as explained, set this up differently. What does the WIP transfer document hope to achieve in visibility and instruction for the subcontract work? Cheers [:D]

Hi, I also was surprised when I saw this requirement first time. I did this for Jewelry industry. I think I should describe the task so you will better understand the problem: The main requirement is you have to know where is you raw materials (gold and diamonds) in real-time. So you need to produce 1000 rings with 6 diamonds each (one - 0.2ct and five - 0.05 two items). You can buy only mixed lots of diamonds. So you will buy two lots: one will have diamonds with sizes 0.25-0.15 and another 0.075-0.025. Your sorting department will pick diamonds the production order needs and match them by color in sets (1-5) and issue them to the job card. How you will know where the diamonds are after you issue them? Practically raw materials disappear from the system after you issue them. How can you control movement of raw material after you issue them?

Hi Valentin So we are ignoring the sub-contracting aspect and you are talking about the individual tracking of the diamonds after they are set. I presume that the knowledge that the diamonds are down-dated after the setting operation and then form part of the WIP of the to be finished ring and are costed as WIP is not sufficient for you clients requirement and they need a soft allocation of the components until they are sold? Is this about right? Then I agree, but still not 100% sure we are talking about the same issue!

Hi all! how can we handle this with subcontract in 3.6: - Sent an item (X) to a vendor who will work on that. he will sent back a new item (XY). - XY is a raw mat which is part of item XYZ that is manufactured in house. - When posting production cost of item X, XY will need to be take an account. Thanks

Hi Tatiana, You will have to create BOM and Routing for ‘XY’ and not ‘X’. Since ‘X’ is your raw material. Regards, Srini

Hi, Possibly, this requirement can be met with certain modifications to the PO that is created against a sub-contrcting activity. The PO should have the provision to include the Item/items involved in the subcontracting, and also the provision to inculde the Locations which represent ‘From Location’, ‘Subcontractor Location’, and ‘Final Location’ representing intitial location, location representing subcontractor and final location to which the material comes back, respectively. When the purchase order is created against a subcontracting activity, the system should automatically transfer the material from ‘From Location’ to 'Subcontractor Location. And when the PO is received, the Item involved should be transfered to ‘Final Location’. Ofcourse, other features like costing needs to be thorougly acounted/addressed. I feel above modifications do adress the need to trace the material at every stage of subcontracting. Regards. Kashinath

Hi All, We can use locations to handle the issue. 1. Create a Location for Goods at Sub-Con. 2. When you create a Production Order you can change the Location Code for comp to Sub-Con. 3. You could then setup Auto Back flush for the RM from Sub-Con. 4. When you move RM from Your Location to Sub_COn. Process a Transfer Order which can have a Number series and you can get all the documents Such as SHipment and Acknowledgment 5. Process the Sub-Contract Purchases.

Hi! We’ve been working in subcontracting functionality and we have developed a module SSCC. The aims of this development are the control of the situation of the materials in the flow towards and from the subcontractors of productive operations, the documentation of the above mentioned flow and the improved management of the costs prices of alternative subcontractors. We do also have the Inventaria module, a tool to eport and analyse the inventory values with the utility of posting in accountancy the calculated inventories. If this information interests you, please contact me at or visit our web Best regards,

On outside assembly work orders (you send one or several components to a vendor, and they return a new part to you) the routing must terminate with the outside operation in order to work correctly. You can get a pick list from the Production order for stores to pull the parts. You use the subcontracting worksheet to create the Purchase order, inserting the cost per unit the vendor is charging you for making them. When the purchase order is received it will update the item quantity of the assembled unit, and automatically update the production order’s page one with the quantity finished. When you drill down to look at the item card quantity on hand, it show the WO as incrementing the quantity, and not the PO. This is different than an ouside operation, which is just a step on a routing, but the part is returned to you and travels on in the WIP stream. They work differently depending on if OUTSIDE is the LAST operation or not. Try it, you’ll like it. Julia Megareus

Navision India has also developed subcontracting module. This not only tracks the movement of raw material to subcontrcator but also take into consideration if the material return from subcontrcator is to be rejected or not. On rejection either the cost can be loaded to production or debit note created for that subcontractor. Abhay

Hi Abhay, i work for a french nsc. We have a customer who might be interested in your product. Can it work without the Manufacturing module? Can you send me any product sheet or information? thanks

Hi abhay, Did you developed a subcontracting module? Can i see some information or demo of it? I am very curios since i send to Navision India our module some months ago because they had some prospections in India and we had no answer.

Hi Abhay Did you contact the last two posters with the details?