Style sheet multilines

Hey there guys

i’ve created a style sheet with multi lines for the Sales price and Segment header. I created a table on word to sore the Sales price and its working very well. i have a segment header as a Base record.

I have a problem on the Segment lines where one segment have many contacts, so for each conctact i must have it’s sales price. at the present moment it’s taking the first contact on the list and print it and the rest is not printed, i can show the sample of the style sheet if necesary, please help[:’(]


As I just recently started to work with the Style Sheet Tool I stumbled across your post. Do not know if you question is still relevant/active as it’s over a year ago you posted it.

What i learned is that until recent the tool was not able “to export several tables with multiple records”. The quote is from the NAV team blog Style Sheet Tool Extended that describes how to overcome this issue using the update codeunit 680 (attached to that blog post). I haven’t tried it yet, but this might answer your query.