.stx file error

HI… i am using the merge tool, in tht i have imported the new base version 3.7. but i am unable to import the other two(old base and old customized 2.60). it gives an error saying “The language of the file to import does not match the language of the .stx file. Import Stopped” so wht actually it means. and we have not converted the multilangauge translation b’coz or customers product is also in english and they dont want it to be multilanguage.

Hi… If you are trying to import all the objects in .fob format it will definitely give the error. Try to import all the objects in .txt format only!!! Tejas

we r importing in text format… is this due to the license files. we r using different license files for old and new db

Check whether you use correct STX file… OLD database may be having a Multilanguage STX file…

no sir… i have used developer files for importing and exporting the obj into txt files. and while installing the ndt, i have specified the path of stx to new 3.7 mbs which we got from our customer. and license file…i have used the same developers license. but still i am not able to import obj txt files into ndt. i can import new base(3.7) but not old base and customized obj txt files. please help me in this regard…

Hi Vikas What is the OLD Database version also check whether it has other multilanguage Captions. If you donot need delete them Except ENU and start merging them…

open txt file and take a look at first object’s OBJECT-PROPERTIES. If it looks like this then txt was exported with ENU language: Date=17.02.01; Time=12:00:00; Version List=NAVW13.10; In NDTK on Import card check on Keywords tab if this atributes match.

If they don’t match, you should copy correct stx file to executable Client folder. And then export objects again.

Sir, as you told i cross verified them, the above info matches with 3.7 db. and they get imported. but when i checked the obj txt file of 2.6 db.the info is like…table name, date,time and version. but it doesnt have object-properties. so i am not able to get it. so wht should i do…

Could you post here how txt of this object export looks like. I have done some exporting on 2.60. I always have OBJECT-PROPERTIES section, even if the object has empty values for Date,Time and Version List and is not even compiled. OBJECT Table 74999 Test { OBJECT-PROPERTIES { Date=; Time=; Version List=; } PROPERTIES { } FIELDS { { 1 ; ;ID ;Integer } { 2 ; ;Name ;Text250 } } KEYS { { ;ID } } CODE { BEGIN END. } }

its not like that in 2.6 base object text file. here i am sending the structure of 2.6 base… TABLE 3 Payment Terms 29-02-00 12:00:00 PM 1112 SG2.50 TABLE 4 Currency 01-06-00 12:00:00 PM 11552 SG2.60.01 . . . . SO ON… so is there something here.

Well, this file is not the right “text” export ! When exporting objects, you are probably choosing a file, but it is not enough just to select a “Save as type”=Text in Save File Dialog ! After (or before) selecting a file you must also select Format in Navision Export Dialog !

thank you… but now we are facing one more problem. all the version object text files got imported into ndt. but when we start merge process. it gives another error saying… “date is not valid” what may be the reason for this…?? and how to correct it??

Do all objects have valid Date and Time ? Check in Object Designer…

Type ID Name Modified Version List Date Time BLOB Size Compiled 1 3 Payment Terms No SG2.50 29-02-00 12:00:00 PM 1112 Yes 1 4 Currency No SG2.60.01 01-06-00 12:00:00 PM 11552 Yes 1 5 Finance Charge Terms No SG2.50 29-02-00 12:00:00 PM 1996 Yes 1 6 Price Group No SG2.50 29-02-00 12:00:00 PM 1212 Yes 1 7 Standard Text No SG2.50 29-02-00 12:00:00 PM 1372 Yes 1 8 Language No SG2.50 29-02-00 12:00:00 PM 776 Yes 1 9 Country No SG2.50 29-02-00 12:00:00 PM 1360 Yes 1 18 Customer No SG2.60.01 01-06-00 12:00:00 PM 23796 Yes 1 21 Cust. Ledger Entry No SG2.60.01 01-06-00 12:00:00 PM 8900 Yes these are some of the objects of table. but i dont know why the “compare & merge tool” is giving the error as “date and time is not valid”

where could i set the stx file in developers toolkit? i cant find any option anywhere that could have any effect.

Hi, The error about the ‘date and time is not valid’ might have to to with different date settings (d/m/yy) or (m/d/yy) between computers. Are you using the same computer to export/import? As for the stx file, look at the installation folder of the toolkit, I think that is the location it copies the selected stx file during the installation.