Stuff account for every employee not shown total amount how i solve this proplem

Hi guys I have one question in dynamic nav 2009 i want to make analysis by dimension this analysis by stuff account to every employee the problem when i make stuff to every employee total amount not shown. why

the picture as below

Can any one told me how i join between total amount and Employee for stuff account

please any one help me



Have you created the Analysis View to display the relevant data. ???

How i make Mr Amol please help me

What i make until now i go to setup-Dimensions-Analysis View-Analysis View Card then i add analysis view but I Cannot join this with total amount how i can join

Analysis View entries are created by the program when you update an analysis view. An analysis view entry is based on one or more G/L entries that fulfill a number of criteria concerning posting date, account number and dimension information that you have specified for an analysis view.

When you define an analysis view, you can define what information should be shown in that view. For example, you can specify which dimensions and dimension values G/L entries must have in order to be included in a view. You can also specify whether only G/L entries posted to certain accounts should be included in an analysis view using the G/L Account Filter function. When you update an analysis view, the program compresses G/L entries that fit the criteria that you set for the analysis view and creates analysis view entries. Each analysis view entry represents a unique combination of posting date, G/L account number, and dimension values.

An analysis view entry can therefore be made up of many G/L entries, depending on what date compression you have set for the analysis view. If you have chosen not to date compress analysis view entries, each analysis view entry will be equal to one G/L entry. However, if you have chosen to date compress analysis view entries, all G/L entries within a period with the same combination of posting date, G/L account number, and dimension values will be regarded as a single analysis view entry.

By clicking the AssistButton in the Entry No. field, you can view which G/L entries comprise the analysis view entry

Now mr amol i thank you very much about you tell me what i made until now is

go to analysis card and

create new analysis view code as code name : Emply

then select g/l account filter is 1120201(account number stuff account)

date compression is select : day

starting date 01/01/12

update on posting check mark selected

then in dimension tab select dimension 1 code Employee

then select update button

after this this code as below

Code Name Include Budgets Last Date Updated Dimension 1 Code Dimension 2 Code Dimension 3 Code Dimension 4 Code
EMPLY Emply No 28-11-12 EMPLOYEE

and i see analysis view entries table already updated in table as
EMPLY 1120201 1023 31-10-12 0 -1,000.00 0.00 1,000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

more records this is sample

now when i make analysis by dimension and i select analysis view code :emply

and show as lines employee display all employee but no total amount for stuff account

although entry already exist and what is the problem now


Look at the Date filter field whether it is properly set as normally when we run the analysis by dimension system shows irrelevant date filter ,so change the date filter and check.