Structure Calculation customization

Hi All,

I want to do some customization in Structure calculation, for that in which objects i need to do changes? Can any one give me a complete list of objects?


What kind of customization you would like to do Indian localization ? What is the requirement ?

Actually what I want to do is,

suppose USD $ rate is 59(according to RBI) & custom department’s Rs. 60

when I am doing a Import purchase order of 100$, system should post value to Vendor account with RBI rate ie 5900 Rs & to Duty account by Custom department rule ie 6000 Rs.

suppose rate is 10% then 590 to Vendor & 600 to Duty.

It is not possible with Structure configuration.

so I need to do customization.

It will give you consistency error while posting as your debit & credit will never match.

Rather than maintain add one more field in Exchange rate and on that basis do the calculation and show it in the report as well as on screen…

This will avoid inconsistency in database and user will also get values they required.