String Concatination(ARABIC+ENGLISH Strings)

Dear All,

  1. first Name : ابو هريرة

Last Name : المزمل

  1. first Name : Abuhuraira

Last Name : المزمل

i want to concatenate first name with Last name in this format i.e (FirstName/LastName)

when i use this code : FullName = FirstName + ‘/’ + LastName;

the result came as

1 ) أبو هريرة / مزمل

2 ) Abuhuraira المزمل

1st result is wrong.

I need as below

1 ) مزمل / أبو هريرة

2 ) Abuhuraira المزمل

either one is arabic, the result is fine.

if both are arabic means, it will come (LastName / FirstName). i.e reversed

I need both result will be in this format i.e (FirstName/LastName)

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

I know little about these RTL languages, nevertheless I have at least a hint for you.

Compare these two cases:


str firstName = 'ابو هريرة';
Result: ابو هريرة/المزمل

With one extra English character

str firstName = 'ابو هريرةx';
Result: ابو هريرةx/المزمل

It seems that each of these strings have different direction (RTL/LTR), not only in AX but also here when I’m editing HTML. Please look at rules defining which direction is used for a string (I don’t know them).


is there any option to find the Language of the String…? (i.e ARABIC or ENGLISH)

Wikipedia: Right-to-left mark

Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm

Tnks Martin. I have fixed this issue by below coding…

TextBuffer txtFName= new TextBuffer();

TextBuffer txtLName= new TextBuffer();






// Regular expression to validate only Arabic Letters

if (txtFName.find(’^[ا-ي]+$’) && txtLName.find(’^[ا-ي]+$’))


SegBG =LastName + ’ / ’ + FirstName;




SegBG = FirstName + ’ / ’ + LastName;