Strange Happenings When Designing

Hi, This is strange. Another colleague witnessed this by the way so I am not going totally mad ! I opened a codeunit in design mode through the object designer. I put // in the documentation section and went to close the design window. As I did the window flickered (very briefly) stayed open but had removed the //. We then closed the window again (without the //) and the Do you want to save … message came up. We selected No. When we designed the codeunit again the // were there. Totally strange. We also get occurrences where someone can save an object but either you have to close your session for the other people to get the latest version of the object or even worse you can change an object close the session reopen it and the object has reverted back to the previous state including date and time. Has anybody out there got any useful knowledge to share on this ? Thanks

First of all You don’t need the “//” in the documentation section. Your problems with designing objects is because of the object cache. When more than one user is designing in the same database You need to set the object cahce to zero on all clients. Otherwise You will (as You have noticed) work with a copy of the object which is not updated with the latest modifications).


Originally posted by Lars Westman
First of all You don’t need the “//” in the documentation section.

Hi Lars, Yes I know that you don’t need the ‘//’ in the documentation section we were testing these worrying situations out and it was just an instantaneous spur of the moment thing to do. Thanks for your helpful part though we will implement immediately. Thanks