Strange Flow Field behaviour

On Form 88 (Job Card) I have 3 new fields that are flowfields based on existing fields. i.e. "Phase Description" Text30 Calcformula=Lookup(Phase.Description WHERE (Code=FIELD(Phase Filter))) When I enter a value in the “Phase Filter” field the new field I have created shows the correct value. If I remove the value in “Phase filter” the flowfield shows the first entry of Table “Phase” (t161). Is it something to do with the “Phase Description” being set to FIELDCLASS=FLOWFILTER ??? Any Suggestions ?? TIA Dean

Just a quick note: I have used a work around where I used 3 temporary fields. These are standard text30 fields and get validated by the original fields. i.e. “Temp Phase Filter”:=Getfilter(“Phase Filter”); Then the flowfield is defined as : Calcformula=Lookup(Phase.Description WHERE (Code=FIELD(Temp Phase Filter))) this works, but I would be curious to know if anyone knows the actual way to do this ??? Dean

Lookup Flow field allway finds the first rec that matches the filters.

Hi Dean, please make a funktion in the table job like this: GetPhaseFilterText() : Text[30] IF GETFILTER(“Phase Filter”) = ‘’ THEN EXIT(’’); IF GETRANGEMIN(“Phase Filter”) <> GETRANGEMAX(“Phase Filter”) THEN BEGIN EXIT(’***’) END ELSE BEGIN IF Phase.GET(GETRANGEMIN(“Phase Filter”)) THEN EXIT(Phase.Description) ELSE EXIT(’’); END; and call the function from the SourceExpr of a form control. Consider that the “Phase Filter” may be not unique. br Josef Metz