Straight Line Depreciation with different percentage rates.


One of our customer is currently using the straight line method to depreciate all of its assets.

The problem here is that each asset will be depreciated at different rate.

Do I have to define different STL depreciation methods each with a different depreciation rate?

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No, you set the depreciation rates for each individual asset, go to an asset card and look at the Depreciation Book Lines.

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When you enter a percentage in this Straight-Line % field, the No. of Depreciation Months, No. of Depreciation Years and Depreciation Ending Date fields will be cleared.

Then where do I specify the life of the asset?

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In simple terms, the life of the asset is the start date + Straight Line % in (360 day) years , so you do not need the other fields and that is why they are cleared. 10% = 10 years; 20% = 5 years. There is some change if you have acquistions after the start date.

If you want a fixed end date use the ending date field

If you want fixed no of years use No of months