Store Specific Discount Offers


My client is on Dynamics NAV 5, with LS Retail 5.

My client has a specification where a discount offer is only required to apply to certain stores only.

They have 6 stores, and the discount that they are trying to apply is 20% for all items to all staff.

However, the discount is only to apply at three stores, namely S1001, S1003, S1005.

The discount offer is not to be activated on S1002, S1004 and S1006.

How do i do it? I was thinking of manually disabling the respective discount offers at the relevant stores, but scheduled jobs would surely enable them back at all the stores. Appreciate any help.

Hi Khai,

You could set the store that this discount offer is applied to in “store groups” tab. You can then set which store this discount offer is applied to.


Hi Jordi,

I realise that inputting the specific store numbers at the “store groups” tab is for the purpose of the scheduler job.

I also have to disable the jobs manually at the relevant stores, after which the scheduled jobs will routinely do its job of updating all other offers except for those that is not in the “store groups” tab.

Thanks for your input, which kickstarted my problem tracking.