Stop Printing reports

Hi All, I have strange problem with printing reports. Some reports not prints full. It stops in the middle of the report. Two clients bought NEW HP printers (last models) and both have this problem. I belive that it is driver problem but: Do you now what can be the origin of this problem? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Once I experienced similar problem on Novell Network. The print job was split into two or more parts and second part was sometimes unreadable. The problem was, that Navision created output that long, that print server thought it is done and sent data to printer. Then Navision sent another part of data to queue and it was sent again (but without first init sequences - therefore unreadable). Try print first to file and then send the file to printer. If output is correct - problem lays somewhere in print queue (timeout or so) if not, then problem is in report itself. Hope this helps Michal

If you view the property sheet of the printer on the workstation, the details page has a SPOOL settings button. Click this and a window appears. Make sure “Spool print jobs so program finishes printing faster” and “Start printing after last page is spooled” are selected. On certain reports that process LOTS of data, the delay between pages can cause the spooler to break the print job into multiple jobs. This allows other jobs to print in between pages, and can also allow the printer to lose any of the setup that may have been done at the beginning of the job. -jp

Is printer HP 1100?