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Hi all,

I’m using Nav 5.0 Sp1 (Native).
I have added some fields in Sales Comment Line Table and created a form RM sheet on it.
I’m opening this RM sheet Form (Card Type) through Sale Order Line and enter some data. This form is opened against per Sale Line.
But my problem is that everyone can go to next via NEXT button and enter some thing.
I want that RM sheet Form should be opened always against Line No. 10000
Is there any way to stop the NEXT button in this form?



Hi Subrata,

You could set a filter on the RM Sheet form (I assume this is a custom form) to line no. 10000. If you use filtergroup the user will not be able to change this.

Turn off AllowInsert on the form

Hi Daniel,

That would still allow him to navigate to another record and modify it.

My suggestion was in addition to your suggestion Dave, not instead of. I think the filter is an excellent idea, I was going to suggest that myself.

Dear Dave,

Thanks for quick reply.[Y]

I have tested it already. [:P]

But still Next button works and getting the error such already exit at time entering next data.[:’(]

I want that it should work as like Request Form of a Report works.[:(]

Hi Sunrata,

If it’s a card form (as per first post) and you do not want to navigate away with the next button then add a message ( even a comment will do it) in the OnNextRecord trigger. Be warned this will limit the functionality of the form.

Not sure what you mean by this.

Dear Dave,

I have tested it on the same trigger but it gives the msg as well as it inserts the data into the table.witl Line No. 20000.

Not Sure what u mean by this

If you run any report with request form, where Next Buttan is not working.It is just an example by our Client.

You cannot disable the VCR buttons, those are part of the standard application.