Stockout Warning

I need to know if there is a way to avoid that a sales order lines be posted, if the line quantity is not avalilable in item card.

I want the system not post one sales line if that line is on Stockout.

How can i Do it?


You can only get a warning, your business processes cover the rest. In production you cannot consume negative, but in sales you can ship negative, to stop this you would need to modify it.

In production how can I implement the option Not consume negative?

You have no choice, you cannot consume stock you do not have.


I think I was not enougth clear with my question.

I really don’t want consume stock if he is not there.

But this is my problem, because navision consume stock even if it there is no quantity avallable, and I want to stop it, but How???

Sales lets you pick and ship and go negative - if you do not want this you need to modify the system.

Production does not let you consume stock you do not have and go negative.

The system works in different ways in different areas.

I believe this has been discussed from a sales perspective before - If you search for this it may have advice on the modification.