Stockkeeping Unit is case sensitive.

Am I going insane.

I am using Stockkeeping Units, but if I go to any property to try to enter SKU, it is case sensitive.

So if you go to item card edit and find the menu option for Stockkeeping units, the run object property is:

Form Stockkeeping Unit List now I try to enter Form stockkeeping unit list I get an error. But only for Stockkeeping Unit objects, and ALL of them, Card, List table etc.

Is this wierd or am I screwing something up

I just tried it on a 4.00SP2 I had open and no problem.

On which version are you working?

Navision or SQL?

Already tried to close and re-open Navision?

Already tried to reset the computer?

Already got an appointment with your psychiatrist? [:D]

I tried in 5.0 and it works.

Are you sure you wrote Stockkeeping correctly (double k and double e)?

The text above is copy pasted from Nav . In fact I just went into the standard button and tried changing the letter n to N ( Unit to UNit) and I got an error. And this happens ANYwhere I try to use Stockkeeping Unit. I will make a screen capture video and post it.

OK, good news (at least for my sanity check). I can reproduce this in Version US 4.00 SP2 (4.0 SP2)

Go to Item card, β†’ Item Button β†’ Menu Items.

Find :

Stockkeepin&g Units RunObject Form Stockkeeping Unit List

Now go to the RunObject column, and just edit it to say:

Stockkeepin&g Units RunObject Form StockkEeping Unit List

I then get the error. I can do it on any other entry no problems. Actually it can be any letter after the word Form.

Next go to globals, and create the following variable:

SKU Record Stockkeeping Unit

Now go back and edit the Subtype to:

SKU Record StockkeepiNg Unit

Same error BUT this is now a different object, Its a table, not a form. The question is why only the Word Stockkeeping Unit? Damn I wish I had found this last week so I could have shown someone.

OK, i think I have it.

Basically ANY Object in NAV that has a name begining in β€œSto” including Form 99000779 you must specify the exact spelling and case of the object in 4.00 SP2.

Some one try to tell me that this is not wierd?

Did you try this with the W1-version?

It might be a problem of the NA-version.

Or maybe (if in SQL) of the collation you use.

It seems to be only when using the NAV 4.00 SP2 executables on Native. SQL is fine. I guess the bug is either in the US 4.00SP2 STX file, or its in the SP2 fin.exe. 4.00sp2 SQL works fine, 4.00sp3 Native works fine.

May be someone can test 4.00sp2 in a different language, to see if its an STX error.

I tried in Italian version: IT 4.00 SP2 (4.00 SP2) and it works fine. Build 22100.