Stock Transfer price not visible

Dear all,

while doing stock transfer, stock transfer price field is not visible, along with Amount & Tax information tab.

Any suggestion??

Thanks in advance

It does not need to be, it is an internal movement, whilst the cost can alter across sites and costing methods this is handled by the system - the user cannot “tell” the system the cost, it knows it. As for tax there is no tax on a transfer. Internal movement only, nothing else.

i agree, internal movement doesnt create any financial transaction…

In case of Transfer Order of Type - Stock Transfer - you will be having an optionof selecting the transfer price.

The difference between the inventory cost and transfer price will be posted as un realized profit or loss…

Hi Kranthi

Transfer Order types? Transfer Prices? Are these Indian loacalisations? Is the purpose of the price to reflect a inventory costing adjustment?

Hi Adam,

Yes they are related to Indian Localization.

One of the reason i could see is - Tax requirements when goods under excise are transferred.

the other reason i could see is - some of the companies follow the transfer price mechanism to know the profitability of the individual units(though they belong to same legal entity)

Have you enabled the “Active Stock Transfer” parameter in Inventory Parameters???

If not activate it and select the type stock Transfer during the TO.

The tax tab and amount will be enabled based on that parameter and the Transfer Type…

Hi Kranti,

Thanks for your reply. Problem resolved.

But I have made Dimensions (Financial) mandatory in GL parameters. But while doing Stock transfer, there is no option of selecting the Financial dimensions, so system is giving the error for Department, Cost centers & Purpose dimensions.

Any setup i forgot to select.

Thanks in advance.

In Transfer Order you won’t be having any option to select the dimensions.

So the system will look into the Item settings for default dimensions.

Try by giving dimensions to the item.

Dear Kranthi

Let me know where i’ve to enable the stock transfer in the parameter?

send me the screen shot.


In the Inventory Parameter, which propably comes with the Indian Localization…