Stock Transfer Jnl - Why Hasn't It Financially Closed?

Afternoon All,

There is a stock transfer jnl which is just moving a quantity of 4 from one location to another (same warehouse).

The receipt has been financially closed, but the issue has not…why?

The problem that it is causing me is that the deduction appears as a minus value + qty on my stock report and would like to get it tidied up. Obviously the close and adjust has been ran, hence the closing of the receipt.

Any advice/help/guidance would be gratefully received…


Hi Aaron,

How are you doing the transaction?

Are you using transfer order? or transfer journal.

I can see only these two mode available for moving inventory.

I have seen stock transfer journal an AX in Indian localization version but that is again used to transfer goods between warehouses and not location.

Please give more details so that we can suggest you some way out.


Hi Pranav,

Apologies for the delay!!! I think I discovered what the problem was - and hopefully I’ll be proved right when we run the close & adjust at month end next week…

There was a Production Works Order for the same quantity that has not yet been financially closed (a while back now!), so I think it was this, that the 4 was referring to when the Trf Journal was carried out. It’s now ended, so by my reckoning, should financially close this side of the journal…

Thanks for your reply anyway!!!