stock take

We plan to conduct our first stock take on 23 March 2013.

I have gone through the UAT documents but I just need to clarify:

  1. if I key in the stock take date in AX as 23/3/2013, does it mean that all stock take variances will be adjusted and effected based on the date we keyed in?
  2. even though my stock take is on 23/3/2013, can I actually key in the date being 1/4/2013 so that the stock take differences can be adjusted in April 2013 instead?

Bear in mind that our stockholding is quite high, variances identified during the first round will need to be ivestigated and can only be finalised one week later (end March).
My concern is how can we adjust the variances, managing the movement after the stock take (say on 25/3/13, Monday) before we finalised the variances to be adjusted?
pls advice

On the create process the date becomes the line date becomes the posting date of the journal. You can generate this with a date of 01/04/2013 when the count is on teh 23/03/13 without issue, but you need to control the physical movement of stock. If you count something with a variance on 23/03/13 and go back to verify it on 30/30/13 you need to be aware of any stock movement in and out of the count area in the period (assuming you are not locking items on the count for that period). You need to be aware of this not to incorrectly adjust the variance - note AX takes youer count and posts the variance only? Your control of the movements after teh count is standard count control that you would put in place without the system being present.

Dear All,

Just taking this discussion forward. We are using Dynamics AX 2009 Retail. We are not completely confident of our current process of “Stock take”. Can anyone suggest an ideal steps to do a “Stock task” or “Inventory counting”.

Scenarios keeping in mind that we have sales for that store in which the stock take is taking place is still not posted in the system or already posted in the system.