Stock Requisitions & Transfer Orders

I have 3 locations A, B & C. An item with inventory 30, 10 at each location. A is setup with replenishment system ‘purchase’, with B & C ‘Transfer’, both B & C with transfer from code ‘A’. If I raise a sales order for 15 from A, then requision worksheet suggests a PO for 5 which is correct.If I raise a sales order for 15 from B, then requision worksheet suggest a transfer order from A which is correct. If I raise a sales order for 25 from C, then Requisition worksheet suggests a PO for 5 for A, and then a transfer of 15 from A to C. Is there a way I can get Navision (3.70) to look at availability across all locations and arrange transfers, rather that create a PO for new stock. I.e inventory in C=10, transfer 10 from B and 5 from A. Is there a different way to do this ? or is a mod required ? All help appreciated.

Hi As the transfer from code can only have one entry when this cannot cope with the demand from the fulfillment location teh demand has to be fulfilled. I would argue that the location of the demand should be satisfied by a “full” transfer and the replenishing location be subject to a po, but this is arguable, I will also need to run it through!

Hi Navicons I set up location G and Location H with replenishment of a transfer order from location A in the SKU record. SKU for the item at location A has a MTS purchase requisition. I had inventory of 10 off of the item in each location. I loaded a sales order for 25 off on location G Running MRP will tell you to transfer 15 from Location A to location G as you do not have 15 at location A it will tell you to purchase a further 5 at Location A to fulfill the demand. As I think I said in the earlier posting, the requisition method and transfer from code have a one to one relationship, so even though I have a further 10 in location H I cannot use them to replenish the demand at Location G as no reordering policy exists to this affect. I am afraid to get it to do this, if you cannot set up Navision to logically avoid this scenario, is to modify it.

Thanks Steven. I did think it would be a modification too. My example seems realistic. Has anyone developed a solution ? Regards, Navicons.