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is it possible to put inventory on hold? example : after manufacture for some reason the stock does not pass QC and maybe needs further checks. The product shows in inventory, but is not actually shipable for say another week. during this time further production of the item is required, but as the inventory shows it available then this is taken into account when running the regen etc. currently we journal it to a hold code, but it would be easier if we could simple tick it open/hold etc and then if it was on hold the regen would not take it into account. (we currently have only one location, so i am thinking about a location option also) any thoughts would be appreciated thanks

This could be done through Warehouse Mgmt. The user could move the inventory into a QC zone that doesn’t allow picking from it…therefor no pick ticket would be generated for it. The problem is that it would still show as “available inventory”. Really it’s just an issue of semantics, but technically this could be a solution…although obviously not the optimal one.

Hi As Bill says one of the best options for control could be WMS. However if your internal procedures allow (you seem to be thinking in this direction) movement to another location this will not be the standard location and will not be on a sales order, however this will still be seen in views and on reports and can essentially still be sold. You should also be considering the additioanl cost in the rework for a week that do not seem to be captured in Navision from your described process. Why not simply make the last operation of the routing on the production order QC, in this manner also all the additional manufacturing costs will be attributed to the works order and the item will not be in stock until it is actually complete.

thanks for your replys. just reading the replies has made me think of another scenario! at the moment there is a delay in moving the stock to a hold location; so for example where the stock is on hold for only a couple of days then of course this is not currently picked up in the regens. if we were to immediatley take the stock out, then we would run the risk of producing more product when not needed. some more thought needed here i think!!!

Hi I think if you are running manufacturing the QC operation is the best option - it will still be fulfilling demand, but it will not be in stock, as rightly, it is still being made.

If you are lot controlling the item, then you can mark the individual lots as blocked on the lot information card.


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If you are lot controlling the item, then you can mark the individual lots as blocked on the lot information card.

/gets excited! all our stock is lot tracked… now, how does this affect the regen / stock levels? do i vpn in now, or wait until until tomorrow?!! :wink: EDIT : just done a simple transaction - put some stock on hold, and placed an order. the regen did not suggest an order, and i was still able to ship the item on hold [V]

mdma, That blocking of a serial or lot number doesn’t affect the regenerative / availability side of the system. It simply disallows movement of the product out of the system. Mr. Weaver really has the right idea. What you are describing is really a manufacturing process…albeit a somewhat simplistic one at that. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this. Either you go and make some serious mods to the reservation / availability areas within Navision or simply create a report that gives you these numbers and then manually enter those into a purchase order. It’s the automated part of this that gets a bit difficult…that is unless you get the mfg granules and those aren’t cheap.